Massage Therapy


Back to Nature Body Massage

A relaxing therapeutic massage using the swedish techniques to increase circulation, boost energy levels and foster emotional well-being. By two, this is a great side by side treatment.

55 minutes$125.00

90 Minute Back To Nature Massage

See our Back To Nature Massage, this is more of the same...what bliss!

90 minutes$180.00

Ancestral Aromatherapy Massage

A massage that kneads your muscles until they seem to melt while eliminating waste and toxins from the body! Your choice of essential oil is used for this massage. Times two, this is an excellent side by side treatment!!

55 minutes$130.00

90 Minute Ancestral Aromatherapy Massage

A massage that kneads your muscles until they seem to melt while eliminating waste and toxins from the body! Your senses are heightened by use of essential oils during this massage...pure relaxation!

90 minutes$185.00

Urban Oasis Deep Tissue Massage

An invigorating "deep" tissue massage which aids in tissue repair and the healing process of injuries or wounds.

55 minutes$135.00

Stone Massage

Warm stones are stratgeically placed and used to massage the body. A wonderfully calming massage.

55 minutes$150.00

90 Minute Urban Oasis Deep Tissue Massage

An invigorating "deep" tissue massage which aids in tissue repair and the healing process of injuries or wounds.

90 minutes$195.00

Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage

Upper body massage targeting the neck and shoulders. A medium to heavy touch depending upon your preference.

40 minutes$115.00

Prenatal Massage

Mommy-to-Be, this massage is guaranteed to relax and soothe the mind and body while improving circulation and relieving fatigue. Tailored to your individual needs. Be comfortable in your new body, your baby will love you so much the more!

55 minutes$135.00

Five +1

Buy 5 Back to Nature massages and get the 6th one free....if you are a massage lover, there’s no other package for you, best deal ever!!!!


Facials (using Rhonda Allison {Ra} products)


Rain Forest Facial

This cleansing and balancing mini-facial using our Rhonda Allison products includes steaming and exfoliation will bring a healthy glow to your skin. (30 mins)

Approx.30 mins$125.00

Cynergy's Deep Cleansing Facial

This is our thorough therapeutic facial using all products from our Rhonda Allison skincare line. It includes cleansing, massage, steaming, extractions, exfoliation and purification.

60 mins$150.00

Cynergy's Ultimate Facial

This starts with a soothing back massage followed by the application of Botanical Mud along the spine, then comes the Cynergy Deep Pore Cleansing (or hydrating) Facial!! A three-in -one treatment...simply divine! (1hr 15mins)

75-80 minutes$190.00

Hydrating Facial

This exceptionally nourishing facial utilizing delicious serums and products from our Rhonda Allison line is recommended for dry and dehydrated skin types. A must for more mature skin. You will love the supple, hydrated feel afterward!

60 minutes$150.00

The Gentleman's Facial

Customized for his skin care needs. This facial will soothe the skin, minimize the effects of razor irritation and ingrown hair leaving the skin glowing with health and vitality.

60 minutes$150.00

Depigmenting Facial

For the removal of dark spots, includes exfoliation, and the use of specific Rhonda Allison formulations to address this issue. A series of 5 of these facials is recommended for visible results.

60 minutes$150.00

Bacial (Back Treatment)

Experience the Cynergy Deep Cleansing Facial on an often neglected body part, your back!!

60 minutes$165.00

Facials Five +1

Buy 5 of our deep cleansing facials and get the 6th one free...want to maintain that glow and treat your skin right? This is the package for you!!


Ra Skin Peels...Transform. Awaken. Reveal.

The Rhonda Allison (Ra) skincare line understands common skin concerns for ALL Fitzpatrick skin types 1-v1. In particular, when working with mixed ethnicities and skin of colour the line has an outstanding track record dealing with pigmentation, decreasing inflammation and sensitivities as well as nourishing depleted skin. Reveal The New You!


Skin of Colour Mid-Depth Peel (Fitzpatrick III-VI)

This Peel uses the synergy of advanced science and natural ingredients to address issues typically seen in ethnic skins. This corrective peel effectively brightens and evens skin tone, smooths
and softens rough texture while protecting the skin again post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The purchase of a post-care kit is mandatory for this procedure.

60 minutes$190.00

Mid-Depth Renew Peel (Fitzpatrick I-VI)

This peel strengthens skin, stimulates collagen production, improves hydration and minimizes skin sensitivities. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for aging, dehydrated skin. Post-care kit is mandatory. For all skin Fiitzpatrick skin types 1-v1. Can be done seasonally.

60 minutes$190.00

Progressive Peel (Fitzpatrick I-VI)

An excellent peel to promote greater exfoliation, antibacterial and cellular support. Good for oily/ bacteria prone skin or skin with acne. For all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale, 1-v1. Best in a series of 3 (done every 3-4 weeks over a 9-12 week period). Post-care kit must be purchased separately and is a MUST.

60 minutes$180.00

VITAMIN A SERIES (2-3 wks. apart Fitzpatrick I-VI)

The Vitamin A Series is a great choice for pigmentation, acne, broken capillaries, rosacea and thinner skin. It’s the perfect option for a first Peel (light sunburn-like flaking expected).
Three (3) 1 hour treatments over a 6-9 week period. Please note that the mandatory Post-Care Kit is included in the total cost of this package. Great skin for everyone!!

60minutes x 3$540.00

Body Scrubs & Wraps


De Islands' Brown Sugar Scrub

If you prefer a more aggressive exfoliation then try this scrub formulated with omega oils and botanical extracts.

60 minutes$135.00

Seaweed Mud Treatment

A detoxifying & revitalizing experience using nutrient-rich seaweed and mud to pamper, purify, condition and renew. After dry brushing the body in preparation, seaweed/mud is applied and you are wrapped in a thermal blanket to augment the process for approximately 20-25 minutes. A brisk shower is taken once the wrap has been removed and the body is then fully rehydrated with warm oils. (80 minutes)

80 minutes$190.00

Sea Salt Body Scrub

This is the ULTIMATE exfoliator, the most intense of our scrubs. It is then followed by the application of a light soothing skin hydrator.

60 minutes$150.00

“Wine” Down

Treat your skin to this delicious package using resveratrol from winery grapes filled with healing antioxidants. You are cocooned in a soothing heated blanket for 25 minutes as the skin drinks up this reservatrol infused serum. Then you relax totally into an Agave Oil full body 55 minute massage. Yummy for the skin and so very relaxing for you. (Total package time approximately 11/2 hours ) $250.

Wine Down  Time for a Sweet Escape$250.00

Hand & Foot Treatments


Sea Salt Scrub and Massage (hands)

Hands are soaked in petals and silk then exfoliated with Dead Sea salt scrub followed by a massage with fragrant emollients. Please note, no cutting, clipping or polishing involved!

15 minutes$28.00

Sea Salt Scrub & Massage (feet)

Feet are soaked in petals and silk then exfoliated with Dead Sea salt scrub followed by a massage with fragrant emollients. Please note, no cutting, clipping or polishing involved!


Paraffin Dip (An add-on treatment)

Hands or feet are dipped in this warm wax then wrapped in thermal gloves or booties to improve circulation, joint mobility and enhance moisturization of the skin.

5-10 minutes$15.00

Spa Packages


Simple Pleasures

Experience our Cynergy deep cleansing facial and either our Back to Nature or Urban Oasis Sports/deep tissue massage together. Simple Pleasures, simply pleasing! (approx 2hrs)

2 hours$260.00

Sugar n' Spice

Dream of the islands with our brown sugar scrub and be lulled into sweet dreams with a full body massage using our specially blended oils!

2 hours$250.00

The Great Escape

A 40 minute full body (swedish technique) massage followed by our Rain Forest facial. The perfect SAMPLER package for the newbie!(approx 80 mins)

70-80 minutes$225.00

His Delights

Just for him....a 90 minute full body massage that melts away all the stresses, followed by an exhilarating foot treatment complete with paraffin dip. He will be totally rejuvenated and reinvigorated. The perfect gift for that perfect man!!

110 minutes$240.00

Just For Him

Melt all those muscles with this 55 minute Swedish full body massage then let him experience a mini gentleman's facial (30 minutes). The perfect gift Just For Him. Guaranteed to totally revitalize and rejuvenate!(approx.85-90 mins)

85 minutes$240.00

The Great Escape Deluxe

A 40 minute full body massage (swedish technique), our brightening Rain Forest facial then a hand & foot Sea Salt treatment complete with paraffin dip. Your body deserves this!

2 hours$280.00

Couple's Special

The ultimate romantic interlude for both of you. Relax in the jacuzzi, enjoy side-by-side full body Swedish style massages (55 mins), then indulge in fruit with chocolate fondue and champagne! (2hrs)

2 hours$390.00

The Ultimate Escape

The total getaway, float on clouds...this pkg.includes any $135. facial, a choice between the Back to Nature Massage (swedish technique) or Urban Oasis Sports Massage (deep tissue). Also includes a sea salt hand and foot treatment with paraffin dip and a delightfullly delectable champagne spa lunch!

4 hours$395.00

The Birthday Package

A rose petal bath followed by a 55 minute aromatherapy massage, a deep cleansing or hydrating facial, hand and foot treatment with paraffin and a scrumptious champagne spa lunch! A birthday doesn't get much better than this!!!

4 hours$430.00

Bronze Oval Package

Spend just about the entire day at the spa. Begin with a body scrub followed by a delightful aromatherapy massage. Then let your face be treated to the Cynergy Deep Cleansing facial. You also have a hand and foot treatment complete with paraffin dip and not forgetting that scrumptious champagne spa lunch. Between treatments, take time out to just sit and unwind. ( approx 5hrs)

5 hours$500.00

Golden Oval Package

This is our "Over the Top" package. Start off by unwinding in the jacuzzi for 15 minutes. Then let your entire body be exfoliated with our luscious mango/ginger brown scrub followed by a seaweed-mud thermal wrap. Next comes the most relaxing aromatherapy massage after which you will be served a delightful champagne spa lunch. After lunch would be your hand and foot treatments complete with paraffin. End the day with your facial of choice. Of course, you will never be rushed between treatments when you would have time to sit and reflect as you sip on herbal teas, champagne or nature's champagne!! Your body deserves this.

7 hours$640.00

All Things Body

All Things Body ( approximately 2 1/2hours)

Luxuriate and give your body some love with this treatment. It starts with a sugar & ginger body scrub to exfoliate and eliminate dry, dead skin. After showering, vinotherapy is introduced. The body is drenched in a grape-based super antioxidant recovery body serum and cocooned in a thermal blanket to heighten the efficacy of this serum. The treatment culminates in a therapeutic 55 minute full body Swedish massage using an agave oil blend guaranteed to reenergize, refresh and renew. Your body deserves this as do you!! ($350)

2.5 hours$350.00